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Providing relief where you
need it most.

At 4-SKIN™, we're on a mission to harness the gifts of nature. We provide the most effective, natural, and safe personal care products for all people. As a subsidary of ICI Bioscience, a leading R&D and manufacturing company in the personal care industry, we're focused on providing the cleanest products for our customers.

Our 100% natural hemp-derived products are designed to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, relieve itch & dryness, and promote overall health and wellness. Shop our products today and experience the power of 4-SKIN™.

A woman smiling at a container of 4-SKIN™

We make products that help people feel good.

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A full-sized 4-SKIN™ Muscle & Nerve Relief container.
A full-sized 4-SKIN™ Hypoallergenic Repair container.
A full-sized 4-SKIN™ Restore & Renew container.
A full-sized 4-SKIN™ Tattoo & Laser container.
A full-sized 4-SKIN™ Itch & Rash Relief container.
A full-sized 4-SKIN™ After Sun Care container.
A full-sized 4-SKIN™ Shingles Relief container.
A full-sized 4-SKIN™ Wound & Burn Relief container.
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The healing power of nature

Our passionate team at 4-SKIN™ is dedicated to creating products that nurture your body, and respect the Earth. Embrace nature's wisdom and embark on your holistic healing journey with 4-SKIN™.

A woman smiling at a container of 4-SKIN™

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We put the utmost care into our products, and it shows.

"I love the 4-SKIN™ products. I use them any time I cut or burn myself in the kitchen, or when I have muscle soreness after yoga or the gym. They truly help the healing process and gets rid more

Michelle W.

San Diego, CA

"I back this product 100%. I used it on my chest for a little skin cancer I had, and it’s almost completely gone after using 4-SKIN™ for 8 months, once a day. It also helped with the more

Mandy M.

San Diego, CA

"...As someone who's passionate about using natural and organic products, I was thrilled to discover 4-SKIN™ last year. It's become a staple in my skincare routine, especially during the more

Kai B.


"I am beyond THRILLED to have discovered 4 skin! I had a few spots frozen off my face and used it to prevent scarring. I amazed at the results to date and can’t believe how it has helped! I more

Pamela D.

Boise, ID

"Love this product! I’ve tried other topical pain relief products in the past, but 4-SKIN™ has been the only one that I’ve noticed make a difference in my joints, specifically knees. I also more

Greg V.

Oakland, CA

"The muscle and nerve repair works so well! Can even feel arthritic relief. Relief is long lasting and a game changer in mobility issues. Highly recommend!

Toni G.


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